The school has well-equipped library to enhance students learning by providing a range of books, services and resources to develop the reading skill of the student to helps to find more information about any topic more than the text book and to develop student self learning skill.

General Rules for Library in Our School:

1. All students and staff of the school are members of the library.
2. A student can borrow only two books at a time for a period of two weeks.
3. A staff member can borrow maximum five books at a time for a period of one month.
4. Books will be issued to the students, during the library periods. No book will be issued or returned during the teaching hours.
5. Marking, underlining or writing on library books, periodicals, and newspapers is strictly forbidden..
6. If the books are not returned within the specified time it will be viewed seriously and fine will be charged as per rules.
7. The Librarian may call for a book at any time, even if the normal period of loan has not expired.
8. In case of book is misused, wrongly handled or lost the person concerned will have to replace the book or pay the current market price of the book.
9. The members should take good care of library furnishings and equipment. Make sure the library looks as good when you leave as it did when you came in.
10. Drink and food are not allowed in the Library.
11. Strict order and silence shall be maintained in the library and speak softly if needed.