Admission Details


  1. New admission is taken for Classes KG-I / KG-II to class 8.
  2. Admission forms are issued at least a month prior to the declaration of results. Only after the final interview the applicant will know whether they are accepted or not.
  3. Applicant seeking for admission must bring along with them original copies of relevant Mark Sheets and transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  4. Parents desiring admission for their children are required to complete the Application Form which can be procured from the Accounts Office.
  5. When admission forms are issued, applicant must take a form from the office and fill it up. Then once verified by the Principal or Head mistress, applicants must appear entrance test and are interviewed by the admission board.
  6. Hostel admission is done on the basis of first come first to the new students

Admission Dates:

  1. From issue- In the month of December
  2. Entrance test ( new students)- 18- 20th January
  3. Entrance Test Result- 23- 25th January
  4. Admission for new students- 25th– 30th. January
  5. Admission for old Students- In the month of March.


We have specific uniform rules both in class and in hostels. In order for everyone to be equal and present them equal .Our uniforms are practical, cost effective, good quality and fashionable. We have summer, winter, sports, hostel and day scholars’ uniform. Uniforms are provided at the time of admission.

School Fees:

Being a mission and a Church- run school, we charge relatively low fees compared to other private schools, while providing high-quality education and efficient facilities in the school.

Fee structure for the academic session 2022- 2023:

Important Notice Regarding Fees:

  1. At NMES we take every effort to keep the student costs to a minimum.
  2. All listed fees are not fixed, fess are subject to annual revision and changes depending on the requirement of the school administration.
  3. The school reserves the right to amend or update any terms in relation to fees.


  1. Parents/ guardians seeking to withdraw their ward should apply for transfer certificate before the third week of December. Application should be submitted along with ₹100 to the school office.
  2. The Administrator/Principal may any time, and without assigning reasons, ask parents to withdraw their child if he/she is found unacceptable in the best interest of the school.
  3. Transfer Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, and Examination Certificate will not be issued until all school dues have been cleared in the Account section.
  4. Once the student joins this school, he/she has to complete academic years. T.C. / C.R. Book will not be issued till he/she completes academic years.
  5. In case the Parents / Guardians insist to take T.C. in the middle of academic session, he/she has to pay the full school fees etc. for the whole year. This is done so because the School has already reserved the child’s seat, for that whole academic session.
  6. Students who fail twice continually in the same class will not be allowed to continue in the school. The decision of the school authority with regards to the Promotion is final.